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Wood Staining/Misc.

Have you noticed the paint peeling or cracking on your commercial building? Does your living space look a bit dull? Let Bill Metcalfe's Painting revive the look of your property.
Our staff has the skill and training needed to refresh and brighten your home or office. We also complete every job in a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy the results without worry or hassle.
Please check back to see photos of our finished work!
Staining Services
  • Wood siding and shingles
  • Entry doors, windows, and shutters
  • Sheds, fences, gates, decks, patio covers, and patio furniture
Power washing
Power washing surfaces is an integral part of our preparation process for painting or staining. This removes mildew, stains and any loose materials. However, we also offer  power washing as a stand-alone service for any surface, including roof tiles. This has an amazing effect, particularly on roofs, and can give new life to old surfaces, totally rejuvenating their appearance.
We can repair stucco, timbers or any damaged item to the exterior of your home.

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